What Problems In Women Can Cause Difficulty In Conceiving?

The thought of bearing a child is quite amazing. For some, it is easy but there are so many others which have found conceiving a challenge. Infertility in women is a social stigma in some conservative societies, therefore, the couples trying to have baby go through complete assessment to find if there is any problem waiting by. Some of the common problems found to cause difficulty in conceiving are:

  • Defective fallopian tubes: Fallopian tubes is where the ovary sends the egg for fusion and after fusion, the fused egg passes through these tubes only to get implanted in the uterus. If the fallopian tubes are defective, these processes can become disrupted making the whole process of conceiving difficult to next to impossible.
  • Overweight: High body weight causes lots of discomforts including the problem in conceiving. The overweight women find problem in ovulating and their menstrual cycle is quite irregular too. This leads to problem in conceiving.
  • Stress and hypertension: Stress and hypertension interfere with the activities of the hormone which are responsible for healthy reproduction. Thus, the poor mental health and extreme stress make it difficult to conceive due to hormonal imbalance.
  • STDs: There are several sexually transmitted diseases that cause pelvic inflammation. The infections of fallopian tubes, vaginal tract and fungal infections also lead to disorder in ovulation. Thus, these diseases lead to problems in conceiving in women and infertility in men too.
  • Ageing: The quality of eggs decreases with the increase in age. The hormonal imbalance caused due to ageing interferes with the normal processes like ovulation. sometimes, the premature menopause caused due to chronological ageing of women’s reproductive system also leads to issues with conceiving.

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